Unblock Blocked Sites – keys to unblocking websites

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There are many reasons why you have to unblock blocked sites such as Facebook and Tweeter especially in learning institutions. Similarly, there are many cultural and commercial reasons why such and many other social networking and downloading sites would be blocked for use in specific organizations, companies and institutions. First of all there are ten ways that will surely unblock blocked sites.

The first is replacing a domain name with an IP address. The IP address acts as the signature that connects your computer to the internet and hence the blocked site. The signature surpasses and blockades put by the administrator.

Mobile web is the second way in which you will unblock blocked sites. The mobile version of a blocked site is very easy to access. Thirdly, a Google cache will easily open a cache which in essence is an older version which means that you are about to unblock blocked sites.

The fourth way is use a web proxy that is anonymous. This will enable you hide your identity. The fifth strategy is using a translation service in order to unblock blocked sites by getting another version of the same content. When Myspace English has been blocked, open Myspace France and then translate it.

Alternatively, the sixth way is using a HTTP proxy that is anonymous. This proxy will enable you surf or unblock blocked sites by making the web pages readily available before they have been verified by the administrator’s system.

The seventh way is using a URL shortening tool while the eighth way is making use of an RSS reader to subscribe to blocked sites. The ninth way is converting the IP address simply into a decimal. The tenth way is to use a system that enables internet users to operate under an environment of improved security and privacy.

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Methods To Unblock Blocked Sites

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There are many sites that do not allow you to access them, either because of your Internet provider or due to other Internet restrictions. Here are a few alternative ways to unblock blocked sites. First of all, you should try using an IP instead of an URL. This depends on the software or application used. Sometimes in order to unblock blocked sites you have to type the IP instead of the URL. In a local computer, doing a ping domain.com command in command prompt will return you the IP address.

Secondly, to unblock blocked sites, you could also make a redirection with a short URL service. Sometimes to unblock blocked sites, you need to convert the URL to another shorter URL. This might help you to bypass the services. Moreover, depending on the country you find yourself in, you cannot unblock blocked sites due to governmental regulations. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, China, Iran the government has restricted access to certain sites. Most of the blacklisted sites are about religion, sex, women, health, politics and pop culture. You can unblock blocked sites, using a redirection service like tinyurl.com or snipurl.com. These domain forwarding services function the same way as the address in the URL box remain the redirect URL and do not change to the banned site.

Another way of unblocking blocked sites is by using anonymous surfing, especially when the restricted sites requires login. You can browse the Internet via free proxy server. A proxy server is a normal computer that hides the identity of computers on its network from the Internet. Furthermore, you can also use Google Cache in order to find an older version of the site. Google Cache is a great to unblock blocked sites, because it is the old version that Google indexed it.

If these methods still do not give you the results you were hoping for, then you could always resort to an RSS reader. to unblock blocked sites. An RSS reader is a great way to subscribe to the sites you would like to see, but are blocked. You can search within a feed reader for the site’s feed you are looking for.

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Unblock blocked sites You-tube

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Are you looking to unblock certain websites such as the you-tube or sites that are censored? Using a proxy server is one way of helping you get into sites that have been blocked and there are even web proxy lists online, which can offer you codes and other resources for breaking locks. The latest proxy servers are Twitter Proxy, Bebo Proxy, Myspace Proxy and even the Proxy for Facebook. So no matter what you want to do you can unlock any kind of website so that you can gain full access to accounts, pages or information online.

You-tube is one of the most blocked sites on the Internet as many people try to upload adult material that is banned from these types of sites. If you are looking for any kind of nudity or sexual acts on the you-tube site you will usually not find any since they were blocked almost immediately. The people’s republic of China has been renowned for blocking the websites from other capitalist countries in order to keep their citizens in the dark as to what is going on in the outside world. With censorship like this in place it is not difficult to see why people want to know how to unblock website such as You-tube and many others for that matter.

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How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Firefox

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We’ve all had experience of blocked sites and, quite frankly, they can be a bit of a pain. When you are researching a topic you often come across a site that you think is perfect, only to click on it and be confronted with a message telling you that Firefox has blocked the site. This blocking of internet sites is used as a form of parental control in order to stop your children going on sites that are inappropriate for them but it can often result in other sites being blocked because they have a tenuous link to the content. Therefore, it is important to know how to unblock sites in Firefox.

You must ensure that you are logged in as the administrator in order to ensure that any changes you make occur with all the profiles. The easiest way to unblock the site is to first download FoxFilter and then restart Firefox. Go into Tools and then FoxFilter Settings (you have to register and it will cost $1 per month). Once in here you can insert the URL of the site you want to visit. It will then tell you if the site is blocked or unblocked. If it is blocked there is a tick box that you need to uncheck. This will unblock the site and allow you to look at it whenever you want to. There are numerous add-ons for Firefox that you can use instead of FoxFilter but FoxFilter is by far the most straightforward to use.

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How Can I Unblock Blocked Sites?

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Occasionally at work, school, or other public computers, you will encounter websites that have been blocked. These are often social networking sites, although sites with “adult” material are often blocked as well. Luckily, there are ways to access blocked sites. Here are a few ideas.

Use the IP address. Often, the domain name is blocked, but the IP address is not. If this is the case, you can use Google or a similar search engine to find the IP address of the site you wish to access, then copy and paste it to your browser.

Use a proxy website. A proxy website allows you to bypass your employer or school’s internet service provider and connect to the forbidden site through a third party. For a comprehensive list of proxy websites, check out Hongkiat.com

Use a translation service. Most online translation services translate material from one language to another and display the results on their own page (i.e., not the blocked page). For your purposes, simply have the service translate from English to English.

Finally, consider viewing the sites on email. Web2Mail.com will send the contents of a site directly to your email account where you can view it at your leisure. By the same token, you can go to the site from an unblocked computer, subscribe to the RSS feed, and have updates sent to your mailbox. 

Before you rush out and try these methods, a word of warning. Many employers and schools have their computer systems set up so they can literally follow your activity keystroke for keystroke. If this is the case, your activities will easily be discovered and you will be subject to disciplinary action. So, if you must unblock, always do so with caution.

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Unblock Blocked Sites at School

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Having access to the internet at school through a personal laptop or another device may be possible but you may be faced with the prospect of having to deal with blocked websites. Many schools like to block several different websites due to several reasons. Many adult oriented websites that host questionable content or totally inappropriate content such as pornography are absolutely prohibited. Of course this does not mean that the students are going to access these sites, but they may want access to their social networking websites, email access and various other innocent websites during lunch periods or other points in time where school is not really in session at the time.

There are several different methods to use to be able to access blocked content on these school networks. Taking advantage of the different options depends on the student. Of course those students who are at high school or a lower level of classes may not have access to money and the ability to make orders online, so some options are not possible to them. College students are capable of using third party software which can allow them to bypass the blocked sites that are on the open networks which are available on the campus.

A free option that many people could use depends on a proxy server technology to bypass blocked websites at school. These services are often public or can offer you the ability to make an account on their websites. Basically, these websites allow you to send a request to the proxy server to download and access your pages for you. Since the proxy websites are not blocked, you can then download the page to the computer or device which you are using on the school network with little difficulties.

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How Do I Unblock Blocked Sites?

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Blocked sites are irritating the user when needing to find information on the Internet. There are several reasons why a site may be blocked from your viewing. This first being that you are searching the web in an educational facility or library. They often put security locks on the computer which block inappropriate sites, or any sites containing bad language. Or is you are at home and someone has security blocked several sites. Also a few countries around the world block sites that the government deems inappropriate (even Facebook has been banned in several countries). Don’t worry, there are several ways you can get around this.

You can use a proxy site. A proxy blocks your I.P address and allows you to view the entire net, even sites that were previously blocked. It does this by masking your I.P with a separate I.P that is allowed access to any website on the net. These proxy sites are also known as bypass filters.

The great thing is proxies are completely free of charge to use and there are thousands to choose from on the Internet. Just be wary of which one you choose, do your research before hand, and pick one which is reputable and been around for a while. Also be careful, in an educational facility this may be a harmless way to view sites you were previously denied access to. But in some countries if you are caught using a proxy, you could actually get in a lot of trouble. always check the law before doing it, and be aware of what the consequences are.

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How to Unblock Blocked Sites

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There are several ways of unblocking sites that are ‘blocked’ or ‘censored’. To find out what is the best way you need to work out why you are blocked from that site in the first place.

One of the most popular reasons for being blocked out from websites is if you are using the Internet at school or college. The Internet here will often have a special firewall which pre-filters each page you are looking at and decides to block or allow it. The blocking process can be done on content that is deemed unsuitable e.g pornography, Or by specific words which the computer has been old to block. Luckily in most cases this is easy to get around, simply by using a ‘proxy’.

There are many proxies online and what they actually do is bypass the filters put in place and allow you to view all web content. This gives you more freedom and anonymity when surfing the web. The best thing is most reputable proxies are completely free of charge, just click the link and surf away.

This also applies if you are surfing the web from a country where the law has actually banned specific websites. This has happened before with such huge websites as Facebook. Why should a government take your right to view websites that the rest of the world are allowed to view? Well you can get around this too by using an anonymous proxy site to block the filters and firewall, and the Internet will not be able to tell your location.

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Common Workarounds to Access Blocked Sites

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There are many reasons why websites are blocked, they are disallowed by the internet service provider, you are on a restricted network or simply, you are in a country that censors the internet. This is the very reason why the younger crowd wishes to get around these blocks that are instilled at universities, high schools and intended public networks. As long as you know what to do, you can easily get around the blocking of the content. There are several software options to look into that make your access to these websites easier. They usually bounce your internet access through an IP (internet protocol) that is used as a proxy server. This will use the allowances of that server to pass the information on to you.

Of course there are several free ways to do this on your own as well. Most of the options to bypass blocked sites will have to do with hiding your own IP and tricking the website into displaying content for you. The easiest ways are to use proxy websites that simply route you through anonymous servers to your destination. Another way is to use the translate feature of many search engines that allow you to translate the entire website with the URL. Simply setting it to English or another language you are fluent in will do the trick as many websites want to be accessible through search engines! You can use these tips and more to help get around the blocked sites.

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